2013 Webe Racing – Española, Round #8

Last weekend was the final race of the 2013 Webe Racing series at Española, NM. The dirt was great from previous rains, and the temps were perfect!

I was able to get the win at Saturday’s RMEC enduro. The 125 was a blast to ride!

I was pretty cooked for Sunday’s race but still managed a 3rd place. The whoops were relentless!! Ben Wagenman pretty much smoked us with an almost 4 minute lead, and Matt Valdez caught me sleeping on the last lap and nabbed 2nd.

Thanks to Brett and the Webe Crew for another great season of racing! See you next season!!

Happy trails – Chris

Webe Racing Monte Vista 2013

Sometimes you just stink it up. That was the case last weekend at Monte Vista…

I hadn’t really ridden in the last few weeks due to a garage remodeling project, and it was evident within the first half-a-lap on Saturday. I had such bad arm pump I couldn’t even pull in the clutch.

Sunday wasn’t much better, although I attempted to warm up a little bit more before launching into race mode. Really what slowed me down on Sunday was clipping a t-post in the scoring chute with my left forearm. It was painful enough, I was pretty convinced I had broken it but after x-rays on Monday, I was cleared to go. Just quit being such a sissy.

I ended up 4th both days, and had to slog my way to the finish each time.

With the garage project nearing a close, I should have a couple of weeks to get my ass in gear and get ready for the next and last round at Espanola, NM. It’s not my favorite course, but it can be pretty fun if the conditions are good. Bracing myself for the whoops…

2013 Snowshoe Enduro – Boockliff Rattlers and RMEC

Last weekend was one of the sweetest races I’ve ever done! The Bookcliff Rattlers/RMEC hosted the 2013 Snowshoe enduro near Montrose, CO and the conditions couldn’t have been more perfect! With rain storms over the last several days, the dirt was dark and loamy and the underbrush was green and lush – pure perfection.

I opted to ride the 350 because spark arrestors were required. The bike paired well with the technical, slippery spots.

Special thanks to Thomas Hundoft and all of the BCR crew for their efforts over the weekend. The race was super well organized and the staff was a pleasure to work with! Can’t wait to go back next time!!!

Happy trails – Chris

2013 Webe Racing – Powderhorn, Round #4

This last weekend was Round #4 of the Webe Racing series at Powderhorn Ski area near Grand Junction, CO. This was the biggest turnout of the season, so far. We had 17 riders on our row of the A-40 class.

As to be expected, much of the new course was lined with rocks and passing was limited. There were also a few muddy water crossings that became extremely slick as the race went on. This killed my run of clean laps – on lap 5 I got tangled up with several riders on one of the slick sections and it added couple of minutes to my lap time.

Shortly after that, I developed a front flat on the last lap and had to limp it in to the finish line. The initial results had me listed in 2nd, but there must have been a later protest that bumped me back to 3rd. No big deal – I finished, had fun and got to spend quality time with family and friends. And THAT’S what racing is really all about!

Thanks to Brett and the Webe Racing crew for another great race. These guys really know how to do it!!

Happy trails – Chris

2013 Webe Racing Round #2 – Bullhollow, UT Race Report

Good race this weekend! Without a drop of moisture for weeks, the course was the typical dust pit. It was a blessing and a curse. If you were able to get a good start and get out front, you could lay down a blinding layer for the guy behind you. But even being out front didn’t guarantee clean air. Lappers made things difficult as the course was fairly tight and most riders weren’t too keen on letting anyone behind them pass and ruin conditions for them.

Saturday’s team race went really well. I got a good start and John Cash and I won the ‘A’ class team race and had a blast learning the course. I opted to race the 125 for the team race, just to have some fun. It proved to be a great weapon on this course with its fantastic handling. The exhaust end cap fell out of my FMF Turbinecore which really didn’t affect performance, but it sure made a hell of a racket. At least John could hear me coming into the pits!

Sunday’s race also went well, although I kind of botched my start. The 250SX fired instantly, I just picked some bad lines and let another rider get by me before the trail started. I had to follow the dust for almost the first half-a-lap before making the pass in one of the open fields. Not a huge loss, I was just a bit frustrated for putting myself in that position.

Thanks to Mike Graff for the smokin’ fast pit and keeping track of splits.

Next up is round #3 at Powerderhorn Ski area, just outside of Grand Junction, CO. This is a new venue and should be really fun.

Happy Trails – Chris.

New Season – Helmet Comparison

Each season I make it a point to retire an old helmet and cycle a new one into the rotation. Some might say I have somewhat of an obsession, and they’d probably be right. I’ve had a lot of helmets over the last several years including: 8 Troy Lee’s and 1 Airoh (which I loved, but was a bit too big).

This year, I decided to branch out a bit and try some of the less expensive, but somewhat intriguing helmets available on the market. I don’t really associate cost with quality, and to be honest, I’ve been a bit disappointed (on many levels) with the Troy Lee helmets as of late.


I’ve had my eye on the European helmets for the last few years and frankly, I think they’ve got us beat. Not only is the quality top notch, but the weight saving is phenomenal, and the safety standards are equivalent or better than most of the name brands in the U.S. (IMHO).

I picked up a Scorpion VX-34 as a training helmet to try it out. I have a bit of an ‘oval-shaped’ head, so some brands (like Bell’s) don’t fit me all that great. The Scorpion fit me nicely, although the sizing is small. I normally wear a Large in most brands, but had to go to an XL and it still fits ‘snug’.

The weight is what mainly drew me to the helmet. Just from trying it on, it seemed quite a bit lighter than my TLDs. Not as light as the Airoh’s, but respectable none the less. At around $120, after discount, I’m totally stoked to add the Scorpion to the lineup.

I also had been reading several reviews about the new HJC – RPHAX (whatever that means). Many of them were touting the helmet as being under 3lbs, which is a pretty significant weight savings over most of the U.S. competition. I found one on eBay for $18o (normally $350 retail), so I thought I’d snag it as well. It’s always a little risky buying-without-trying, but after the helmet arrived, I was psyched to try it on and have a great fit.

So the next thing to do was throw them on the scale. I could tell right away the HJC was lighter than the TLD’s, but it was a little to close to tell by hand the difference between the Scorpion and the HJC. Here’s the results:

Clearly the HJC smokes the other helmets when it comes to weight. I’d still say the TLDs win when it comes to cosmetics and ‘bling’ factor, but that’s not really what I’m interested in. With over a half a pound weight savings over the SE3, I think I’ll give my neck a rest and run the HJC as my main race helmet this season.

I’m still getting used to the goofy rounded snout on the HJC, but it’s starting to grow on me a bit. And the rainbow color scheme on the Scorpion makes picking goggle colors and gear much easier (what a tool…). Anyhow, hopefully I won’t have to put them through any major ‘safety tests’.

Happy trails – Chris

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