This last weekend was Round #4 of the Webe Racing series at Powderhorn Ski area near Grand Junction, CO. This was the biggest turnout of the season, so far. We had 17 riders on our row of the A-40 class.

As to be expected, much of the new course was lined with rocks and passing was limited. There were also a few muddy water crossings that became extremely slick as the race went on. This killed my run of clean laps – on lap 5 I got tangled up with several riders on one of the slick sections and it added couple of minutes to my lap time.

Shortly after that, I developed a front flat on the last lap and had to limp it in to the finish line. The initial results had me listed in 2nd, but there must have been a later protest that bumped me back to 3rd. No big deal – I finished, had fun and got to spend quality time with family and friends. And THAT’S what racing is really all about!

Thanks to Brett and the Webe Racing crew for another great race. These guys really know how to do it!!

Happy trails – Chris

3 thoughts on “2013 Webe Racing – Powderhorn, Round #4

  • Bruce Bell

    Great job on your Go-Pro. I haven’t raced in 17 years and your video has me a little nervous. I have signed up for the A-40 class at Powderhorn and I know a few more ‘old guys’ showing up. Thanks for your video – at least I don’t have to guess what the terrain is now! Brap!!!!!

    • Thanks, Bruce! Glad to hear you’re getting back into the sport! Powerderhorn is a tough course – lots of rocks! Soften your suspenders and hold it wide man!!

  • Mike Skellion

    Hey Chris,
    Soooo cool to catch up with you at a place like that after 10+ years!!! It was great to see Kathy and finally meet Avery too.
    I may be headed down to Monte Vista to race if I can swing it. I’ll keep you posted. Cheers! Mike

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