Good race this weekend! Without a drop of moisture for weeks, the course was the typical dust pit. It was a blessing and a curse. If you were able to get a good start and get out front, you could lay down a blinding layer for the guy behind you. But even being out front didn’t guarantee clean air. Lappers made things difficult as the course was fairly tight and most riders weren’t too keen on letting anyone behind them pass and ruin conditions for them.

Saturday’s team race went really well. I got a good start and John Cash and I won the ‘A’ class team race and had a blast learning the course. I opted to race the 125 for the team race, just to have some fun. It proved to be a great weapon on this course with its fantastic handling. The exhaust end cap fell out of my FMF Turbinecore which really didn’t affect performance, but it sure made a hell of a racket. At least John could hear me coming into the pits!

Sunday’s race also went well, although I kind of botched my start. The 250SX fired instantly, I just picked some bad lines and let another rider get by me before the trail started. I had to follow the dust for almost the first half-a-lap before making the pass in one of the open fields. Not a huge loss, I was just a bit frustrated for putting myself in that position.

Thanks to Mike Graff for the smokin’ fast pit and keeping track of splits.

Next up is round #3 at Powerderhorn Ski area, just outside of Grand Junction, CO. This is a new venue and should be really fun.

Happy Trails – Chris.

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