Task Racing Light Bars and Helmet Lights

I used the 6″ Task Racing light bar along with the Moto Adventure helmet light package during the night lap at King of the Motos earlier this year. The lights are insanely bright and more than adequate for off-road riding and racing. After the recent time change, it was time to get excited to bust out […]

2015 Webe Racing – Round 1, The Dunes

I was a bit bummed on my 4th place result for Saturday’s Enduro. Not really what I was hoping for in terms of my overall performance. I was on a great row (3), had solid rides, but just didn’t have the speed I needed to keep up with the front-runners. I ended up skipping Sunday’s Hare […]

Supercross 2015 is Almost Here!

It’s crazy to think that the 2015 Supercross Season starts next weekend, but I’m stoked! It’s one of the things that helps pass the long winter months. We’ve got our tickets for Phoenix, and this year I’m taking my girls. It’ll be their first experience with Supercross live. We’re really looking forward to it!

Ever Wonder What a Bad Mousse Looks Like?

I’ve never run bibs before, but I recently bought a used bike with one installed the rear and thought I’d throw on a new tire over the weekend. After wrestling that SOB off the rim, I was treated to a pile of degraded foam rubber. Looks like the previous owner didn’t bother to lube the bib […]

How Lame am I…?

Last post in January? Laaaame. Now that that’s over with, on to some updates. My excuse for no recent updates is that my helmet cam has been fritzing out at the last couple of races. So, I didn’t have any new footage to post. Plus I’ve been super busy. Lots going on in the Webe […]

Steve Hatch Off-Road Dirt Bike Training

Steve Hatch has a long-standing history of career success in off-road racing. I recently signed up for his online training program, and I can honestly say he’s one of the best I have seen for delivering teaching techniques for the sport. With a library of nearly 100 training videos, his site provides a very comprehensive […]

Webe Racing Monte Vista 2013

Sometimes you just stink it up. That was the case last weekend at Monte Vista… I hadn’t really ridden in the last few weeks due to a garage remodeling project, and it was evident within the first half-a-lap on Saturday. I had such bad arm pump I couldn’t even pull in the clutch. Sunday wasn’t […]