The 2 Stroke Hero is Back !

This one makes my frickin’ heart rate go up… Stu Edmonds takes to the line in the Pro class at the Redbull Pro Nationals aboard his TM 250 2 stroke at the famous Hawkstone park track and takes on a talented field of riders on their four strokes including Tommy Searle, Max Anstie, Brad Anderson, […]

YZ125 Trail Riding

This is my typical “after work” ride from my house. I try and do this loop a couple of time a week during the summer. I like to mix up the bikes, but the 125 is especially fun to ride trails on because you can’t get lazy. The technical sections and steep climbs are especially […]

Webe Racing Round #2 – Update

Round #2 of the Webe Racing series was bitter sweet. The team race on Saturday was a blast. Adam Krefting and I got in a wicked battle with Dalton Dietz and his teammate. Dalton, Anthony Lewis and I all started together (there were only 3 pro teams). I was last off the line, but Anthony […]