Last post in January? Laaaame. Now that that’s over with, on to some updates.

  1. My excuse for no recent updates is that my helmet cam has been fritzing out at the last couple of races. So, I didn’t have any new footage to post. Plus I’ve been super busy.
  2. Lots going on in the Webe Racing series. The first couple of races went pretty good. I moved over to the Open-A class for the season after winning the 40-A class last year. Open A is the only A class I haven’t raced in, so I thought I’d give it a shot. After 2 rounds and 3 races, I am sitting in 3rd in the overall, and 1 point behind 2nd place – James Lopez. Tate Dyer has been crushing it this year – overalling most of the races so far. Pretty amazing considering this is his first season racing in the A class.
  3. New bikes: I’m up to 5 main bikes in the arsenal now, not including a trials bike that I inherited over the winter. New bikes include: 2010 YZ250F, 2013 YZ450F and a 2000 Sherco 290 Trials Bike. I’ll post some pics soon.
  4. Here’s some footage of the USRA race that followed the Webe race at Bullhollow. I didn’t end up doing very good at this one. Got a bad start, ate a lot of dust, blew the first checkpoint, and ended up miscalculating my pit – running out of gas on the last lap. Oh well… live and learn.