I’ve always been fairly hesitant to purchase a KTM. It seem in past years, they have always struggled with suspension. Most of those issues have been fixed since the new linkage has been introduced – so I decided to take the plunge.


So far, the bike has been great. Some of the recent changes include:

  • White plastic kit with gucci eBay graphics
  • Renthal original KTM bend handlebars
  • New wheelset w/19″ rear wheel, rotors, etc.
  • Tubliss tire inserts
  • SX ignition mapping
  • Suspension mods from KREFT Moto, including stiffer springs, SKF seals and re-valving
  • Shorai battery
  • Flu pleated seat cover

The bike is pretty much set up for next year’s season. The only other additions/changes I plan on making are; adding a steering stabilizer and some suspension tweaks. The stabilizer is more for the high-speed desert stuff we ride, but should also help out in some of the rocky, mountainous trails to the north.

Anyhow, this thing rips. The motor is insane and the handling is killer. The only other bike I’d rather have right now is a heavily modded 250-XC two-stroke. That will probably be my next bike, but for now, this is the weapon of choice.

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