2015 Webe Racing – Round 1, The Dunes

I was a bit bummed on my 4th place result for Saturday’s Enduro. Not really what I was hoping for in terms of my overall performance. I was on a great row (3), had solid rides, but just didn’t have the speed I needed to keep up with the front-runners. I ended up skipping Sunday’s Hare […]

Man, I stunk it up at Angel Fire.

If I could have gotten my helmet cam working, I would have pointed it at myself to record how terrible I rode. Then I would post the video on YouTube, so everyone could tell me how much I suck, even though I wrote a caption and a title that said “Check out how much I […]

Race Update – Snakebite Hare Scramble

I pretty much stunk it up at the race last weekend. I guess it’s good to get these first few out of the system. Seems I always struggle early season. Here’s some helmet cam footage of Saturday’s “team” race. Brace yourselves… it’s ugly. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Next up is Round One of the […]