I used the 6″ Task Racing light bar along with the Moto Adventure helmet light package during the night lap at King of the Motos earlier this year. The lights are insanely bright and more than adequate for off-road riding and racing.

After the recent time change, it was time to get excited to bust out the lights and get some night riding going again! I unpacked the 6″ light bar from storage (honestly, I didn’t have a lot of desire to ride at night again after KOM). I was bummed because I was having some trouble getting the light bar to function.

I send Mark at Task Racing a couple of trouble shooting emails, and without even questioning my issue and making me go through all of the hoopla of sending it back, he just offered to send me a new one, upgrade it to the 10″ light and included a new wiring harness. I was blown away by that level of customer service and trust. Very rare to find that type of credibility in today’s market ,and is a credit to Mark’s company culture and ethics.

I received the replacement light within a couple of days and promptly hooked everything up as I was eager to get a night ride in. The harness is a snap to wire up (I use the direct to battery option) and the light bar is super easy to mount to the bike. I ended up using the hand guard mounts a little differently than intended, but still found it very easy and effective for mounting the light.

The 10″ light bar has a better light pattern for the tight trail riding I do, as it has 2 flood areas on each side that allow it to cast a wider beam – increasing peripheral vision, while still retaining the bright center spot light for scanning down the trail. The helmet light works great for filling in the POV areas. This is especially useful when navigating tight switchbacks and looking at obstacles that might be on the side of the trail, just out of the main light pattern.

If you’re looking for a super robust light package for off-season riding, check out the Task Racing website: www.taskracing.com. They have a fantastic product lineup and their customer service is top notch.